Need To Know




1. PLAN AHEAD - If you wake up tomorrow and decide you want to get waxed, come on but if your are planning a trip, going on vacation, getting married or what ever the occasion it is best that you plan to come at least two times before your trip. During your first Brazilian wax not all of your hair is in the same growth cycle so you may see a few stragglers left behind. Giving yourself two wax appointments will lead to a smoother, longer lasting wax. also, with planning ahead if you are planning to get waxed do not shave/nair at least two weeks prior to your appointment.

2. EXFOLIATE - Exfoliating is a major factor when it comes to smooth skin. You should have the same type of skin care regimen for your body as you do your face. Exfoliate the body three times a week but most importantly the day before your wax. Exfoliating will enhance your wax and help those unwanted hairs be removed.

3. BE BRAVE - We all know that waxing isn't going to be super easy but it's not as bad as people make it seem. You also have to remember that each person has a different pain tolerance. You must come with a positive attitude, we are in this together.

4. DON'T TRIM - Your first thought after not shaving for so long (two weeks to long!) is to trim...DON'T! Let those hairs grow wild. The ideal length would be that of a rice grain but if it is longer that is fine. Normally you want to trim cause you think it's to long but you'll get scissor happy and  before you know it all your hair is gone! DO NOT TRIM.

5. NO YOUTUBE - Many people like to search the web to get a feeling of what something is going to be like. If you are going to watch YouTube watch my video of tips and what to expect but please don't watch any videos of the actual waxing taking place. There are different techniques, different types of wax and different things that I'll do to make your experience different from what you have seen.



  • 1. IS MY HAIR LONG ENOUGH -  Depending on what part of the body you are wanting waxed the desired hair length my vary but majority of the time the hair should be at least 1/2 cm long.
  • 2. WHEN WILL MY HAIR START GROWING BACK - I personally recommend you make an appointment every 4 weeks, depending on personal preference you may come every 3-6 weeks. As you know not all of your hair will be removed during your first visit and time will vary differently for everyone but you should start to see hair growing back in about 3 weeks,fully grown at 4 weeks.
  • 3. SHOULD I TRIM AND IF SO HOW MUCH - As stated earlier I do not recommend trimming unless its been over six months since you've last waxed/shaved and if it has then you should do a light trim do not take more than 1 cm off.
  • 4. DO I NEED TO CANCEL MY APPOINTMENT IF I COME ON MY CYCLE - This is totally up to the person getting waxed. As long as you wear a tampon the wax can be performed. Do note that your hormones may cause your wax to feel a little more intense than normal.

DOs & DON'Ts

Do ...

 Wear comfortable underwear or no underwear at all. you want to allow your skin time to breathe and "pretty panties" do not help with that.

Relax! The more relaxed you are the better your experience will be.

Positive attitudes only.

Don't ...

Consume any alcohol prior to your appointment. This may result in a more painful wax.

Tan 24 hours before the tanning bed for 24 hours after your wax.



After you've had your appointment and you're ready to show it off there are a few things you must avoid first.

For at least 24 hours do not:








If this is your first time waxing you may experience a few side effects...

Itching - With your skin getting used to it's new smooth surface you experience a little bit of itching, try your hardest not to scratch. To help soothe you can purchase Ingrown Hair Serum in store or you can use Aloe Vera to place on the area of irritation.

Redness - This should go down within the next few hours after your appointment.

Bumps -  You may have small bumps to appear after your wax appointment, don't worry this is completely normal. Most bumps will go down within the next hour but it may take a few days depending on skin sensitivity.

Ingrown Hairs - You may experience a few ingrown hairs, exfoliating with our Full Body Scrub 3-4 days a week is the best prevention for those.